Melania Trump Speaks Out, Twitter Gets Angry

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Last night, Melania Trump had her first interview since husband and presidential candidate Donald Trump faced allegations of sexual misconduct.

Melania loyally stuck up for her husband calling the young women accusing Trump as liars. She spoke about how the press is being unfair and the conversation shouldn’t have been recorded. It gets worse. Melania also said her husband was ‘egged on’ plus this was simply ‘boy talk’. Boy talk at the age of 60 is pushing it a bit, no?

Above all, Melania contradicted everything Trump has worked towards, ever. She noted how he is easily distracted, doesn’t listen to her advice, how it’s like having two teenage boys at home and the list goes on. Trump is not the powerful, leading man he has attempted to build himself up to be.

Hopefully this will open the eyes of Trump supporters. Although, if alarms aren’t going off by now, will they ever?

A lot of people took to Twitter today to vent. Their alarms have been sounding since day one.

Melanie mentioned as First Lady she would tackle online negativity..

All hail, G!

Melanie knows.

She meant ‘breath’, but she’s right none-the-less.

Well said.

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