David Cameron Resigns, Again.

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Since stepping down as Prime Minister on June 24th he has been the target of heavy criticism, and now David Cameron has resigned for a second time in just a few months. Having already campaigned up and down the country as a part of the remain campaign, and with the country going against his opinion, he resigned on the day of the European Union referendum result.

This week saw Cameron announce that he is no longer going to be the MP of Witney. The UK is no longer in shock, however the public are continuing to ambush Cameron with hate. This time the criticism was sparked from a report carried out by the Foreign Affairs Committee, who are holding him responsible for the decision to bomb Libya, and ultimately causing a “rise of Islamic State in North Africa”. Cameron refused to give any evidence towards the report, just another reason why a lot of the British public are angry.

MP and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee Andrew Rosindell is demanding that Cameron be summoned back to Parliament and quizzed on the matter: “It is right that he should give us a full account of what happened. I would have thought Mr Cameron would want to defend himself.”


Dave Cam is getting good at his pulling out technique..

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