Brexit Is Causing More Chaos Than Ever. Yes, That Is Possible.

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Yesterday the high court ruled that Parliament must vote on whether the UK can start the process of leaving the EU. This means the government cannot start formally withdrawing itself from the EU – on its own.

Off the back of this announcement, Brexiter’s argued that they don’t want the government to take a vote.

The main theory behind the leave campaign was the idea of our government making all the rules and not being influenced by EU powers. Just a little bit contradictory, right?

“We want our country BACK!”
“We don’t want it to make important decisions, though.”

A substantial amount of our newspapers didn’t take the news very well either:


This caused a shit storm kicked off on Twitter which is still ongoing. People are not happy..


Thank you to these amazing employees.

This guy is committed, and arguably deluded.

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