FUBAR’s Harley Sylvester Speaks Out About His Anxiety

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FUBAR Radio’s Harley Sylvester spoke out about his anxiety in the run up to performing on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Harley, who makes up one half of pop-rap duo Rizzle Kicks, surprisingly admitted during his weekly Fubar show – Pane and Sylvester Inc – that he had suffered severe anxiety before jetting off to LA to perform LIVE on the world famous comedy chat show.

However, it wasn’t all glitz and glam.

Harley, who hadn’t brought up his anxiety previously on the show, openly confessed to his co-host Mikill Pane why he kept the performance a secret: ”I get super anxious these days, and things like that make me terrified. So, I tried not to think about it.

“We originally pulled out of it. We didn’t let them know that we were going to pull out. I was just like I can’t do it, too much pressure.”

Just a few days after their amazing live performance, a statement was released on the official Rizzle Kicks Twitter account to announce the cancellation of their Nov/Dec UK Tour.

Jordan Stephens, the other half of Rizzle Kicks, posted on behalf of Harley to apologise and let everyone know Harley was okay: “You’re all fucking great. Sometimes things aren’t great. We’re just going to try and ensure the music is.”

The guys have decided to produce a documentary to shine a light on anxiety within the music industry.

There are many young high profile artists such as Zayn Malik and Adele who also suffer with anxiety. It is a common problem however, something which frankly isn’t talked about enough.

Mikill, a rapper and musician himself, said all that needed to be said: “There are only a few people I know who have that [anxiety] and you’re the only one who has talked about it publicly. So, kudos.”

You can listen back to the full show here.

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