TWITTER REACTS: Justin Bieber Walks Off Stage In Manchester

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Justin Bieber stormed off stage in Manchester last night after his fans screamed and yelled over his ‘insightful’ talking. Poor Biebs gave up trying to talk over the 21,000 attendees. After dropping the mic in frustration, he left the stage to the sound of the crowd booing.

What a lot of people aren’t talking about is that he came back onto the stage to justify his actions before ending the show with one of his first ever hits ‘Baby’.

Here’s what he had to say for himself:


Justin’s actions hugely split the opinions of his Beliebers, who took no shame in broadcasting their opinion across the internet.

Some were understanding

Some were angry

Some were another kind of angry


Libby didn’t hold back

John wasn’t impressed

Some people just wanted to board the banter bus

Well played.

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