The Best Reactions to Glastonbury 2017 Ticket Release

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Oh Glastonbury. The world renowned festival which sends thousands of people absolutely mental for a few hours each year as they scramble to get tickets.

It doesn’t matter if your mates stayed over specifically just so you could conquer the online queue together, or if you tried to tackle the competition solo with 10 different devices in front of you. Chances are, you’ll be disappointed for the next few months and not just because you haven’t got tickets, but because you’ve broken your refresh button in the process. It’s time to start prepping and planning a different strategy for the resale in April.

Twitter is the place to vent with others in the time of such high emotions.

For some, success.

For some, dismay.

And for the majority of people, heartbreak.

Although, these guys weren’t fussed.

Did you get Glasto tickets?

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