Trailblazer Big Zuu talks racism, Hitler and bootcut jeans with Mikill Pane

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With Marcel away, Big Zuu stepped in as co-host, and he didn’t hold back on sharing his thoughts on a number of topics from racism and sexism to bootcut jeans and barbershops.

When discussing how racism and sexism are dealt with in today’s society, he noted – “Some racist people I’ve met, they only realise they’re wrong when they meet someone of colour who they like…You need people to have that interaction.”

He spoke on how people’s freedom of thought is challenged more now than ever, and how quick society is to blackball people, even if they agree with them – “We’re heading into a time where people are telling others how they have to think, and that never leads to good things. People will rebel one day and that’s what leads to hate groups.”

On a lighter note, he spoke on how the trend of bootcut jeans are gone – hopefully forever – why rappers spend £3000 on outfits while he gets free clothes, and how Whiteley in his home of West London almost became Hitler’s headquarters – “he didn’t bomb that area because he wanted Whiteley’s to be his headquarters. I swear to you”.

All this and more can be found via the full podcast here, on iTunes and Spotify.

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