Joey Page’s Spotify Playlist Of The Week

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Attention Joey Fans!

Joey had another exceptional show this week, Joey spoke to ‘Cold War Kids’ about the worse birthday gifts they have received! If your interested in hearing about Joey’s kooky ex and ‘Cold War Kids’ $50 dollar ice cream gift card then don’t give Joey’s latest show a miss!

Joey brought us fantastic tunes from the likes of artists such as ‘Virginkids’,’The Horrors’, and a throwback to ‘The Smyths’. Whom Joey spoke to in his previous show about what it’s like being a tribute band to one of the greatest indie bands in the world ‘The Smiths’.

Check out Joey’s fantastic Spotify playlist this week from another one of his amazing shows here:

Catch up on all of this and more, here. Tune in to Joey Page, Wednesdays 2-4pm!

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