Plain and Simple return to the Open Mic

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This week’s Open Mic saw The X & Tricks provide another FIRE beat for our MCs to spit over.

Plain and Simple were back on the mic plus Synikall, JackCity, Capitán & EVIL all took centre stage to show DJ Sarah Love and MysDiggi what they’ve got.

OUCH! It was a pleasure to have Plain and Simple – No Ego return to the #OpenMic! Yesterday's episode also saw Synikall,…

Posted by FUBAR Radio on Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Want to feature on The Hip Hop Show Open Mic? GET INVOLVED! Producers send us 1-minute snippets of a few beats with the subject ‘Open Mic Beats’ & MCs send a link to your music (Soundcloud, YouTube etc.) with the subject ‘Open Mic’, all to!

Check out more sick Open Mics on our YouTube channel.

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