Fan-ish feat. Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero

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Oh hi, Film-ish and Fan Club…we didn’t know it was you!

That’s right faithful FUBAR listener, 50% of Film-ish and 50% of Fan Club have joined forces. You might ask WHY FUBAR, WHY? Well, since two is great and three is a crowd, we decided to send Nick Helm and Mark Simmonds off to meet the one and only Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero to hear about their new film, Best F(r)iends. It may have only just come out, but they already started spit-balling ideas for Best F(r)iends part 3!

In this first part of the interview, they talked everything from the hidden Back To The Future references in the film, the best way to watch The Room, and how to work with your best friend. Tommy only told them the questions were boring one or two times…in part 2

Leave your stupid comments in your pocket, pour yourself a glass of Scotchka and settle down to watch (the first part of) the mashup of the century. Unless you’re Deny and in which case…don’t you have something else to do? And please, don’t throw spoons at your computer  – nobody will notice and you’ll just waste a good computer screen!

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