Zac Efron, Alexanda Daddario & more

First Broadcast: 1st June 2017


Episode 65 - Zac Efron, Alexanda Daddario, Laura Dockrill, All The People, Reader, Aine Cahill, Martyna of With A Little Bit of Luck download

Harriet Rose with Nozzer

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Tom’s back, and that’s not all that was exciting; All The People popped by to talk about new tracks and upcoming gigs, Triple O talked about the evolution of ghetto grime and Reader popped by to talk her debut single. Also in the studio we had Martyna to talk about amazing garage theatre production With A Little Bit Of Luck and Laura Dockrill came in to promote her new book. On the phone we had Aine Cahill who is playing Field Day this year and we played out when Harriet met Baywatch stars Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario.