Salt n Pepa, Dez Mensa, Pumarosa & more

First Broadcast: 12 May 2017


Episode 63 - Salt n Pepa, Dez Mensa, Pumarosa, Justin Tipping, Christopher Jordan Wallace, Landon McNamara, Akesman, MC Fizzy download

Harriet Rose with Nozzer

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It was tipping with rain outside, but we checked in on Landon McNamara in sunny Hawaii! Also on the show we spoke to Dez Mensa about his new music projects, we checked in on Pumarosa who are playing Great Escape this weekend and also in the studio we had MC Fizzy and Akesman. Earlier in the week,, Harriet caught up with Justin Tipping and Christopher Jordan Wallace of the brand new feature film Kicks. Not to forget that we played out Harriet’s chat with Salt n Pepa! And breathe…