Live from Standon Calling

First Broadcast: 7th Augsut 2018


Episode 30 - Live from Standon Calling download

News-ish with Seann Walsh and Mark Simmons

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This week’s News-Ish was a very special one; recorded live from Standon Calling! It kicked off with a lovely bit of audience interaction, which was helped by the rain bringing in festival revellers, much to the delight of Seann and Mark. As usual though, Seann’s mum was on the phone to deliver the latest dose of local news, including her visit to the animal hospital, and much, much, much more. Seann and Mark also delved into the problems of Fortnite, and introduced a new feature called ‘Can You Cross Your Legs’. Neither Seann and Mark could cross their legs, and neither could guest Jake Lambert, who was on weather duties. Seann also had a fight with a child and lost.