Jeff Wayne, Bobby Crush & more

First Broadcast: 30th April 2018


Episode 88 - Jeff Wayne, Bobby Crush & Glyn Pritchard download

Ian Boldsworth

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A lovely trio of guests were on the show this week, starting with legendary composer Jeff Wayne, who was on the phone to talk about the 40th anniversary tour of ‘War of the Worlds’, with Ian telling him how scared the soundtrack made him when he was younger. Also on the show was actor Glyn Pritchard, who is starring in the the Soho Theatre’s production of ‘One Green Bottle’. The final guest was performer Bobby Crush, who it turns out Ian is a huge fan of, who is talking all about his part in the brand new stage musical ‘Summer Holiday’. Actress Harriet Thorpe also once again made an appearance to berate Ian for not coming to see her show.