Episode 71 – Isatta Sheriff & more

First Broadcast: 22nd May 2017


Episode 71 - Isatta Sheriff, Si Phili, Litro Literary Weekender, Wundrop, Nuphzed, Kemastry, Mutant Kids download

The Hip-Hop Show

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Sarah and Mys’s show fell just hours before voting registration closed for the UK General Election 2017. They continued their plight to get young people voting by chatting to rapper Si Phili (who is voting for the first time in his life this June!)

They invited Isatta Sherriff into the Fubar studios to launch her brand new project. Sarah and Mys also hung out with Nkechi and Dzifa from the Litro Literary Weekender. They chatted about the bridge between Hip Hop and poetry.

And of course… another brand new Open Mic for you!