Tiggs Da Author, Kwame Kwaten & more

First Broadcast: 5th January 2017


Episode 44 - Tiggs Da Author, Kwame Kwaten, Sigma, Sunset Sons, White Lies, Jkay & Shola Ama, Bobbito Garcia, Rebecca Ferguson, Maxxi Jazz, Joe Grind download

Harriet Rose with Nozzer

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Tiggs Da Author dropped by to talk about festivals and give us his Desert Island Dick. Harriet was then joined by Kwame Kwaten who came in to talk about his Ultimate Seminars. Harriet then caught up with the amazing Sigma and Sunset & Sons at Reading Festival. Harry from The White Lies was on the phone to fill us in on what they’ve been up to. Jkay & Shola Ama called Harriet to talk about their latest track Danger. Harriet then had a fascinating conversation with Bobbito Garcia about the evolution of hip hop with technology. In a very special interview, Harriet spoke to X Factor sensation Rebecca Ferguson. Maxi Jazz then phoned in to talk about his long time coming album and his time in Faithless. To round things off, Joe Grind dropped in to talk about working with Skepta and JME.