Episode 95 – Juice Crew & more

First Broadcast: 13th November 2017


Episode 95 - Juice Crew, Triple V, Tok & Lazy Eyez of Pupils of the Clock download

The Hip-Hop Show

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This week the long awaited exclusive Juice Crew interview was aired and what a treat it was! It’s definitely not one to miss – the crew finally had the chance to sit down as a collective and discuss both current Hip Hop and the birth of  the phenomenal genre. We certainly heard some opinions including a particular  “mumble rap” – you gotta listen to find out!

Triple V also joined in on The Hip Hop Show and told us, how they came together and where the got their name Triple V from!

AND we had the Open Mic session with Tok and Lazy Eyez of Pupils of the Clock and Triple V joined in – we were blown away, so many vibes!