Episode 90 – Jonny Gould & more

First Broadcast: 9th October 2017


Episode 90 - Jonny Gould, OTBITV, Mr Ekow, Illiterate, Vitamin G, Trigs, Mr Ekow download

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Is it time to start celebrating Christmas? Well, Mys begins his #MincePiesLivesMatter campaign in honour of the humble Christmas treat. Sarah and Mys also speak to Jonny Gould in honour of World Mental Health Day, which is being commemorated tomorrow. They remember Sarah’s friend Jonny Zucker, who took his own life last year. We also welcome OTBITV to the studio to talk about their football/hip hop YouTube channel.

Trigs, Mr Ekow, Illiterate & Vitamin G stepped onto the Open Mic this week, with a beat from DJ Ridm.