Episode 76 – Prodigy Tribute Show

First Broadcast: 26th June 2017


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After the sad passing of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, Sarah Love and MysDiggi spoke to a number of Hip Hop friends to commemorate his life. At the young age of 42, Prodigy died last week after a life long battle with sickle cell anaemia.

Sarah and Mys reminisced about the influence he’s had on UK Hip Hop. They spoke about his life as a rapper and also the incredible talent he had as an artist. Just days after tweeting ‘I Can’t Right Now #PRODIGY’, infamous rapper Pharoahe Monch spoke to Sarah and Mys about his memories of the Mobb Deep icon.

They had the pleasure of chatting to Ski Beatz about Prodigy’s life, and spoke about how much he defined a whole era of New York Hip Hop.

UK Hip Hop head Klashnekoff also came on the show to tell Sarah and Mys about how Prodigy made it cool to be articulate.

Whether you’re a mega fan of Prodigy’s work or perhaps you have only heard Shook Ones on the 8 Mile soundtrack, you definitely won’t want to miss The Hip Hop Show this week…