Episode 109 – Roc Marciano & more

First Broadcast: 12th March 2018


Episode 109 - Roc Marciano, Shibe and Andre Hopkin, Finn Mcveigh, XJX, Barker, Zygote download

The Hip-Hop Show

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Roc Marciano jumped on the phone to tell us about dope new album ‘RR2: The Bitter Dose’, and to talk being a new age musician in a world of streaming. The uber talented Shibe and Andre Hopkin came through to the studio to talk new documentary “A Way of Life”, which looks at the global journey of Hip Hop. The screening of this film is going to be BIG! Head to Ritzy in Brixton on 22nd of March. On the open mic we saw Finn Mcveigh, XJX, Barker spit fire on our good friend Zygote’s beat.