Episode 107 – Ty & more

First Broadcast: 26th February 2018


Episode 107 - Ty, Otis Mensah, Eff Ghano, T-Jey, Ric Flo, Maear Season, Messiah Kaeto download

The Hip-Hop Show

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Sarah and Mys gave a special big up to Stormzy for using his platform and status during The Brits. Big Mike called out Theresa May for the governments lack of acknowledgement and action since the Grenfell Tower fire. Ty came through and discussed Britian’s culture change when it comes to black role idols, new project ‘A Work of Heart’ and got stuck into Mys’ investigation. Otis Mensah was also a special guest on the show, he’s a real rising talent. Otis talked new track ‘Oh Jane’ and stuck around for the open mic. Joining Otis to spit of Messiah Kaeto’s sick beat was TY**, Ric Flo and Maear Season of Jungle Brown, Eff Ghano and T-Jey.