Episode 105 – Farma G & more

First Broadcast: 12th February 2018


Episode 105 - Farma G, Capitan of C.O.T.I, EVIL, JackCity, Synikall, Plain and Simple download

The Hip-Hop Show

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In true fan girl style, Sarah Love was wearing her signed Task Force jumper. But why, you ask? Because we had the one and only Farma G join us!! Farma told us all about the current going ons of Task Force, how he stays away from ‘shiny hip hop’ and much more. Second guest of show was Capitan of C.O.T.I. Capitan passed through solo this time and performed his new track ‘Pure Feeling’ live for us. Capitan stuck around to join EVIL, JackCity, Synikall and Plain and Simple on the open mic. They spat fire over another slick beat by The X & Tricks.