Episode 103 – Tony Prince & more

First Broadcast: 29th January 2018


Episode 103 - Tony Prince, Cutmaster Swift, Jacqui Berry, Rup The Brer, Weaver, Shakes Tate and Jack Da Union download

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We had radio royalty with us this week! None other than Tony Prince came back through to talk Radio Luxembourg, DMC and his new station UnitedDJs. He brought through old friend Cutmaster Swift – what a treat! On the phone, we had NHS nurse Jacqui Berry, who is putting hours into organising the emergency demonstration to end the NHS crisis on February 3rd. Want to get involved? Click here. Mys was investigating skills we wished we had earlier on, which got Sarah talking about physics – obviously! On the open mic, Rup The Brer, Weaver, Shakes Tate and Jack Da Union tore up Greaseburn’s beat!