Episode 101 – Nutty P & more

First Broadcast: 15th January 2018


Episode 101 - Nutty P, Morrell & more download

The Hip-Hop Show

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Mys was flying solo but he didn’t crash land! He held down the show with this week’s investigation and gave some special big ups to Martin Luthur King JR and Oprah. Nutty P passed through the studio to talk about his new track, how hip hop has changed since he started out in the game 20 years ago and what it was like to work with the likes of Lowkey, New Generals, Busta Rhymes, Klashnekoff and many more amazing names. We finally got Morrell back in the studio to talk new tracks ‘Late Night, Early Mornings’ and ‘Paper Chase’ and gave us an insight to his upcoming EP. Both Nutty and Morrell joined our Open Mic MCs Lloyd Luthur, Gleemz and Stanza Divan. They brought FIYAH! Beat provided by Alhamra.