Adian Coker, Fudz & more

First Broadcast: 26th October 2017


Episode 84 - Adian Coker, Fedz, Kah-Lo, Femme Collective download

Harriet Rose with Nozzer

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This week Adian Coker was Harriet’s co-host. What a dream! Adian told us all about his tour with Neyo and halloween ideas. Also on the show, Fudz passed through to talk his new song Johnny and how Dizzee Rascal got him into ACDC. Also in studio was the super talented Kah-Lo who told us about her heritage, influences and new track Fasta. Previously, Harriet had caught up with the very clever women behind Femme Collective. This week we played out Harriet’s chat with Dani and Grace. Not one to be missed!