100th Show!

First Broadcast: 8th January 2017


Episode 100 - Eerf Evil, Soweto Kinch, Gee Bag download

The Hip-Hop Show

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We kicked off 2018 with a bang! We celebrated Sarah and Mys’ 100th episode in style. We had to extend the show to three hours just to squeeze everything in!

Sarah and Mys talked you through some of their favourite guests, shouted out all the amazing people who have passed through the studio and gave  out some very special Big Up’s! The show’s producers had a couple of surprises up their sleeves which made both Sarah AND Mys scream, Mys investigated what we should leave in 2017 and we ended the show with an extra long, extra FIRE Open Mic.

We invited back Eerf Evil, Gee Bag and Soweto Kinch to spit over some of our favourite beats used in 2017. Shouts to DJisGod, DJ Daredevil, James Toi and Morfia Soul.