X Factor’s Rebecca Ferguson on fellow celebrities not speaking up about injustices: “Nice one! So, I’ll be getting looked into in January!”

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This week on Access All Areas, singer Rebecca Ferguson joined hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng to talk about those excluded from government help during the pandemic.


Mentioning Rebecca’s active role in calling out the UK Government, TOWIE’s Bobby Norris said: “You’ve recently spoken out about the Government, during the whole COVID situation.”


The 34-year-old replied: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don’t know if that was the right thing to do or not. I’m always the first. I always put myself on the line. I think because, in Liverpool, we are quite political people. We stand up for things. Like, we like a kick-off as it’s called. So, whenever I see anything that looks like an injustice I always speak out.”


She continued: “But then I feel bad because then I’m the one speaking out and then every other celebrity is quiet. I’m like, ‘wait a minute it’s my head on the block here?’ Like I’m there saying, ‘look go on, leave your taxes, tell them to do what’. And I’m the only one! So, I’m there telling all the Excluded UK to tell them to do one. But then all the celebrities who’ve been backing Excluded UK have gone silent. And I’m like, ‘oh yeah nice one!’ So, I’ll be getting looked into in January”.


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