X Factor winner Ben Haenow slams the show’s puppeteering: ‘It’s all in the edit. You’re at their mercy!’

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Last week on Access All Areas, former X Factor winner Ben Haenow criticised the ITV show’s editing tactics and revealed he doesn’t care about Celebrity X Factor.

The singing contest made the headlines last month after 2011 competitor Misha B spoke out about her treatment on the show and how she was made out to be a bully. Speaking to Joanna and Stephen about how he perceives the show, the 35-year-old hit out and explained: “It’s all in the edit man, the way that they can make you look. I think they want to kind of try to create characters and I think that’s the unfortunate thing about it. As much as they kind of portray it as these normal people, they’re definitely looking for characters.”

The London-born singer rose to fame in 2014 after winning the show, pipping fellow contestant Fleur East to the prize. Since taking part, he has noticed many similarities between the contestants each series: “You kind of see the same thing year in year out. There’s always kind of like an emotional one. You know what I mean?”

The ‘Something I Need’ hitmaker continued to critique the show’s editing, explaining: “You can do and say what you want but when it’s edited into a sort of half an hour, hour programme, you’re at their mercy really. It’s definitely something that I saw looking back, having gone through the year with some of those people and then seeing how they were almost portrayed on the TV was completely different to the person they were, so you’ve got to be careful with it. But it’s out of your control when you’re on the show.”

The singer forgot that The Factor aired last year, saying: “Blink and you’ll miss it though. It was over really quickly”,  but when asked if he watched any of it, he revealed: “Not really. I’ve got nothing against it but it’s not really on my radar to watch that show anymore. When they’ve got the general public and stuff, I think you’re rooting to see someone from a normal background do well. But when it’s stuff like people are already famous, you find it hard to get behind them and be like, I really hope they get a record deal!”

You can hear the full chat with Ben here.


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