What We Want From A Valentine’s Bedtime Story With Tom Hardy

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Forget BBC dramas, forget catching up with Corrie, there’s only one thing you want on your TV screens this evening.

Tom Hardy on CBeebies Bedtime Stories.

The perfect Valentine’s date for anyone who will be tucking into that Ben & Jerry’s alone is Tom Hardy’s voice to send them off into a peaceful sleep.

Here’s what we would hope for in a Valentine’s Day bedtime story…

1. Tom telling us he loves us as much as he loves dogs


2. Two of him, all the more for us to love (less of the gangster though)


3. That he is as charming as we would expect and would shower us in Valentine cliches


4. Him to tell us stories about his and Leo’s bromance


5. The last thing we would see before we drift off is this cheeky wink

6. For him to get as comfortable as possible before bed

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