Weirdest Celebrity Belongings That Have Been Sold For Big Bucks

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She was the biggest selling artist of 2016 but how much do people love Adele?

How far are the biggest fans willing to go to get that little bit closer?

Apparently buying a bag of her air from her Adelaide, Australia concert is now a thing.

Adele air

And people are bidding for it.

How much would you pay?

But things can get more stupid, just take a look at some of the items from other celebrities that have been sold for big bucks!

John Lennon’s rotted out molar

Sold to a Canadian dentist for £32,000 by his housekeeper

Scarlett Johansson’s tissue

Bought by an eBayer for £5,300, this tissue has a thrilling backstory from being handed to ScarJo by talk show host Jay Leno, used on TV and needed due to a cold contradicted from Samuel L. Jackson.

Elvis Presley’s shitty underwear

Sold for $8,000!! Someone has essentially paid for cotton and fasces.

Justin Timberlake’s half-eaten French toast

This is completely gross but a N’Sync fan didn’t seem to mind when they bought it for over $3,000.

Britney Spears’ chewed bubblegum

Some of these can’t be legit can they? This one went for $14,000.

MJ’s soiled undies

Another one of these, this one went for $1million… let that just sink in.

A lock of Bieber’s hair

Sold by Ellen Degeneres for charity… $40,000 for one piece of hair? Well we know what Harry Styles can do when he runs out of money.

Ronald Reagan’s blood

This one is just creepy.

While some of the money from these sales went to charity that doesn’t take away from how fucking weird they are.

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