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This week Lib Dem leader Tim Farron confessed to having a poster of Magaret Thatcher on his wall when he was a teenager, suggesting that it was more of a crush he had on the Conservative PM rather than aligning himself with her politics.

Yeah, a crush on Maggie Thatcher, bizarre right?

Whilst this totally doesn’t make sense FUBAR has discovered a few other celebrity on celebrity crushes that are almost as inexplicable.

James Corden crushing on Hillary Clinton


The Late Late Show host admitted that Hillary Clinton was his “woman crush everyday” and that he wanted to be her “minister of romance”. Not sure we can imagine this romance. Or that we want to.

Eva Mendes fancies Liam Gallagher?!


Eva Mendes. Beautiful Hollywood actress. Married to Ryan Gosling. The guy who turned down the title of “Sexiest Man Alive”. Thinks that the loud mouthed, unfiltered, unruly brother from Oasis is one of the sexiest men alive. We’re not necessarily disputing this (we are) we just can’t actually find any logic behind this one.

Queen Meryl loves Will Ferrell

“I have the biggest crush on Will Ferrell. I love him in every film he does… Will Ferrell is a man.” It’s a little weird but whatever Meryl says goes, so we are on board, as is Will Ferrell.


J Law wants a piece of Larry David


Jennifer Lawrence does not shy away when it comes to her weird crush on Larry David. The actor has even gone to such extremes as giving him her number but sadly he never called. J Law said that being ignored has made him all the more hotter.

Ariana Grande’s lifelong crush on… Jim Carrey?


Pop sensation and child star Ariana Grande has confessed to being massively in love with comedy actor Jim Carrey for as long as she can remember. So in love with in fact, that she cried uncontrollably when she met him.

Emma Watson had the hots for Malfoy


Growing up together on screen as Hermoine Granger and Draco Malfoy, Emma Watson admitted she had a huge crush on her co-star Tom Felton, mainly because he was a couple years older and had a skateboard. Makes sense. But he only ever saw her in a sisterly light which we are so grateful for because this coupling would’ve been weird.

Nicole Kidman wanted to date Jimmy Fallon


If you haven’t seen the video where Jimmy Fallon finds out Nicole Kidman had a crush on him then you HAVE to watch it. We feel sorry for Jimmy for losing out on the opportunity with Nicole Kidman but we have to admit this crush isn’t one we saw coming either.

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