Unbelievable Celebrity Baby Names

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When ‘Champagne West’ was trending yesterday Twitter went In to meltdown thinking that Kim and Kanye had a new addition to the family.

In actual fact, it was the name of a winning racehorse.

But it just sheds light on the ridiculousness of celebrity baby names that anything is believable.

FUBAR has compiled a list of the most outrageous and stupidly pretentious names that celebrities have given their kids.

1. Buddy Bear Maurice, Daisy Boo Pamela, Poppy Honey Rosie, Petal Blossom Rainbow & River Rocket

TV chef Jamie Oliver has not just inflicted the pain of a laughable name on one child but five of his kids bear absolutely bizarre names that sound like he tripped acid in a florist.

Apparently he’s planning a sixth child, we’ll take a guess that it’s named Daffodil Bunny Mountain…


2. Pilot Inspektor

My Name Is Earl’s Jason Lee went with Pilot Inspektor for the name of this kid, supposedly inspired by a song but we still don’t think that’s much of an explanation.

3. Apple Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are no strangers of creating names for things. The most infamous being their ‘conscious uncoupling’, just call a spade a fucking spade. IT WAS A DIVORCE!

So no surprise that they named their child after an average piece of fruit or the full name like it’s fallen off a cocktail list at an All Bar One.

4. Moxie Crimefighter

Magician Penn Jillette, of Penn & Teller, seemed to want his child to be some sort of vigilante superhero.

Penn and his wife thought that the middle name wasn’t ever used so why not have some fun with it.

I wonder if Moxie saw the funny side of this.

5. Tu Morrow

Not the most famous on our list but maybe one of the stupidest.

Surely you have to have a certain level of celebrity to be able to get away with these kind of things but no, not for Rob Morrow.

Star of NUMBERS went with the easiest go to, naming his kid Tu Morrow – TOMORROW! Clearly spent a lot of time thinking about it. Either that, or he just really loves Annie…

6. Jermajesty

The Jacksons never really had a chance did they? Neither do their kids with names like this. Seems like Jermaine Jackson took his pop royalty status too far.

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