The Worst Excuses For Speeding

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FUBAR have come across a man from Bedlington* was caught speeding 129MPH “because he’d been to McDonald’s and he wanted his food to still be hot by the time he got home.”

Lee Rutherford, who was driving twice the speed limit when he was stopped by police, was recently found guilty of dangerous driving and modifying his Renualt Clio.

This got us thinking. Police Officers must have heard some pretty shit excuses in their time.

Thanks to online forums, where police have submitted real life cases, we’ve managed to find out the most ridiculous excuses people have used to try to get out of a speeding ticket.

 *Bedlington is a town situated in South East Northumberland, past Sunderland. We hadn’t heard of it either. Thank you google maps!


Here’s one for the winter.

  • ‘’I have a cold and when I cough, my foot mashes the pedal….”


  • “The box says ‘If you have an erection over 4 hours, see your doctor IMMEDIATELY!”’
  • “I wasn’t speeding, I just got a haircut and it makes me look fast.”

What we imagine a fast haircut to look like..

  • When stopping an 80-year old “I’m speeding because I don’t want to forget where I am going.”
  • ‘’The driver I stopped was speeding back to the bar to pay his bar tab. He had left all his Money at home.’’
  • ”I was trying to make my wife shut up by scaring her”

Anyone else reminded of a Fawlty Towers-esk sit com?

No one should own ‘winter leathers’, end of.

  • ”Sorry, I’m wearing my winter leathers and I was so hot I was just trying to cool down.”
  • “I’m sorry officer for speeding, but without my glasses I can’t hardly see the speedometer.”
  • “Ok lady, where’s the fire?” The reply that got her out of the ticket? “Oh Officer, in your eyes!”

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