The 5 Best Ways To Celebrate Halloween

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1.Drinking games!


We now live in a world where drinking games are suitable for every occasion. A game of Cards Against Humanity under candle light sounds fun, right?

Plus there are tons drinks you can use as an excuse to drink! Bloody Mary’s, spiced rum, red wine…

Light some candles, get the fire going and get your friends round!

2.Do not stress about dressing up

By all means go all out and turn yourself into the most convincing zombie bride anyone has ever seen, but some people aren’t as adventurous! Putting on a pair of cat ears is better than nothing.

It’ll only make your outfit look better anyway.

3.Movie night


(What a ridiculous photo)

Turn the lights off so the trick-o-treater’s can’t piss you off, pop on Netflix and Bob’s your Uncle! Whether it’s your flatmates, your family or just you and your partner, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with this plan.

4.Have a par-tay!

Friends, food, apple bobbing and cheesy CD compilations. Fun for all ages. Halloween does fall on a Monday this year, so a family friendly party might be the best option. Otherwise, you may literally be a zombie at work the next day.

It’s also never too early for sparklers so go get them out. For all you London folk without a garden, maybe give it a miss.

5.Go to an event

A haunted house, The London Bridge Experience, Scarefest at Alton Towers or a local event. There are often charity fundraisers on Halloween so get researching and combine Halloween with giving.

A word of advice, book now! Such events sell out fast and there’s nothing worse than dressing to the nines and getting turned away from an event.


Whatever you do, don’t go egging. That’s so 2003, and ridiculously dumb.

Also be weary of the even dumber ‘killer clowns’ as they plan to attack not just the major cities, but everywhere.

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