Spice Girls or Bland Girls?

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With the announcement of a Spice Girls reunion due to their 20th anniversary, all we can think about is glitter and chunky trainers. We want the 90’s back, or do we?

If you haven’t already – check out this amazingly empowering video on girl power.


The 90’s is known for it’s cheddar cheese and frankly, sometimes utter shit girl groups and boy bands. Not to mention the fashion, which is admittedly coming back in drips and drabs. However, we hardly think bubble back packs will be back. Chinese/Japanese fashion doesn’t count. That’s a whole other story.. ugh *shiver*

But anyway. On this exact day (July 8th) in 1995, TLC started a seven week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Waterfalls’, the group’s second US No.1, a No.4 hit in the UK. Even more of a reason to take a cheeky time travel back to the best and worst dressed girl groups during the 90’s.

1. Spice Galdem

So of course we need to start off with the spice girls. Matching outfits are a no go, but this colour..
YES. This is a thumbs up for us


2. Cumin n Chili

Wow. Salt n Pepa bringing the pure swag as always. Can’t knock ’em. Although very inspirational to hipsters, we can’t see people fully strutting in these threads.


3.  Greyscale

Ahh, probably not the best photo of All Saints. But accurately shows their colour pallet… never was a bright colour was there. Not for all those years.

Ron Galella Archive - File Photos

Although check them out now. LOVE the old school hip hop vibes and matching denim.


4. Queen B in the making

Damn! Back at it again with the matching outfits. A specialty of Destiny’s Child. That colour is a huge no go..


5. The Power Puff Girls. Oh Wait..

Is that TLC? No it’s Blaque. Is that bubble wrap? Fuck knows. Does look cool though. Thumbs up.


6. No Comment.

This is of course B*wtiched. Unmistakably unfashionable, both then and now.


7. Tea Cosy or Hat?

The brushed under the carpet girl gang Eternal. More often than not, very unfashionable. Very american at first sight.

Although no one can do worse than B*witched so that’s a positive for them.


8. 90’s Queens

Ahh. Let’s end on a high. All hail the style icons of the 90’s! It’s TLC. G’won girls.