Since When Is Sex a Crime?!

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A young woman from York County, Pennsylvania, is going to spend between 45- and 90- days in the county prison for having sex too loud.

That’s where screwing gets you nowwa days, aye. We thought it normally happened the other way round – prison then fucking.

Over the past two years, 25 year old Amanda Warfel’s neighbour has had to listen to Amanda have sex so loud it shook her dresser.

Tanya Saylor is Amanda’s neighbour and a mum of four. All of her children have also been (mentally) disturbed by the loud moaning and groaning. So much so that Tanya had to buy her kids head phones so they could sleep.

It just keeps getting better doesn’t it.

I mean, in the UK, I doubt prison would have been the end result. It also seems a little harsh at first. At first. But when poor next-door neighbor said this, we didn’t think it was as harsh:

”It’s pretty pathetic when you have to have a protocol due to your neighbour’s actions”

But still, a fine maybe would have been more appropriate.

Amanda pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and harassment charges and said she wished the family were there so she could apologize.

Well, at least there’s no more sleepless nights. For now.

All we can think about is how loud the sex is going to be after Amanda has been away from her partner for so long..ew..


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