Michael Jackson: Whodunit?

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In a recent interview Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, has claimed that her father, the King of Pop, was murdered.

FUBAR thought that we’d help her out and provide her with a list of suspects that may or may not have committed the crime…

Suspect 1: Bubbles

Motive: Freedom

MJ always had one companion that was a little different to the others (he wasn’t a small child) – Bubbles the chimpanzee.

Being carried around for years, held captive in the crib in Michael Jackson’s bedroom and with rumours of domestic abuse swirling around, it wouldn’t surprise us if Bubbles did get rid of his old pal.



Suspect 2: Rest of The Jackson 5

Motive: Jealousy

Growing up with the golden child couldn’t have been easy. Michael Jackson was the centre of every performance, every music video and every photoshoot.

Then going on to have one of the best music careers ever, they must’ve felt like he hogged their limelight and ran off with it, leaving them behind.


Suspect 3: Macaulay Culkin

Motive: Revenge

Macaulay Culkin was friends with the King of Pop since he was 10 years old.

Not only was there a weird 22 year age gap between the two but allegations surfaced that Jackson idolised the Home Alone star so much that he even got him to provide sperm, to father the child Blanket.

Perhaps Culkin wanted his childhood and dignity back?


Suspect 4: Buzz Aldrin

Motive: Plagiarism/Stolen Thunder

‘The Moonwalk’ is MJ’s most famous move so how do you think Buzz Aldrin (the man who actually walked on the moon) feels that Jackson stole his moment, overshadowing his entire career?


Suspect 5: Peter Pan

Motive: Identity Theft

Michael Jackson was the real life boy who wouldn’t grow up.

Surrounding himself with toys, children and even his own theme park based on Neverland, Peter Pan probably wanted his life back.


Suspect 6: Blanket Jackson

Motive: That Time MJ Hung Him Over A Balcony

Probably the worst off of Michael Jackson’s kids.

If being hung over a balcony for the world to see when he was just a baby wasn’t enough, his name is Blanket so he probably had some major daddy issues.



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