FUBAR’s Top Picks For Ed Sheeran’s Boyband

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Ed Sheeran has revealed he is putting together a boyband.

He’s going to audition for a few guys to come together, sing songs he has written for them and go on his stadium tour with him.

Sheeran has described the group in the making as “superpop” but “obviously credible”

So we expect there to be a few guitars and songs about your nan along the way.

More importantly, who is going to be the lucky pop group?

We know Sheeran is auditioning guys but we’ve come up with a couple who might need a leg up and create the biggest boy band ever…

1. David Brent

With the end of the movie and tour, David Brent is probably at a loose end.

We definitely think Ed’s new album has been inspired by David Brent’s music.

A match made in heaven.

2. A leftover member of One Direction

Now the biggest boy band in the world has disbanded a couple of them are probably looking for something to do.

We were going to suggest Louis Tomlinson but we think he’s probably got enough on his plate with the arrest and all that. He also probably has to be able to sing so that’s not going to work out.

Maybe not then.


3. Vin Diesel

This guy is desperate for a music career so let’s give him one.

He’s even hooked up with producer Kygo to cover Selena Gomez’s song ‘It Ain’t Me’

And the tough guy is definitely what this boyband is missing.


4. Rylan

We know he’s left his X Factor days behind him and embarked on a presenting career but we bet he wouldn’t hesitate to jump up on stage one more time and the presumable acoustic guitar sounds could do with a bit of jazzing up.

Just break the news to him gently to avoid this…


5. Ryan Gosling

After missing out on the Oscar we kind of feel sorry for him.

He learnt the piano from scratch for La La Land and showed he can kind of sing and dance a bit so he’s almost a triple threat.

Plus, we’re lacking the heart throb one so far.

We need him so that fans can throw their bras on stage.


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