FUBAR’s Superheroes That Aren’t So Super

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As it’s World Superhero Day we’ve taken the opportunity to re-evaluate just how super these superheroes are.

And just because some of them might be big shots with 17 movies, 3 TV series, a special edition action figure and a theme park ride, doesn’t mean we can’t include them.


Going straight in with this guy. Let’s just face it, he’s not got any powers, he isn’t super, he’s just a big kid with too much money that has a ridiculous phobia of bats. And now that Ben Affleck is the current offender in the movie adaptations we couldn’t not include him on this list.


Mr. Incredible

Forget DC or Marvel, this Disney contender is definitely one that isn’t so super. He lied to his family for most of The Incredibles movie and almost got them killed. Not so smooth Mr. Incredible.



Do we even really count this one as a superhero? As much as we love Will Smith, we’re going with no. He’s more of a super-fuck-up.


Iron Man

Let’s face it, he’s just a bit of an arsehole with Daddy issues.


Green Lantern

We won’t bash all portrayals and creations of the Green Lantern but we want to erase Ryan Reynolds portrayal from our minds and because it was so goddamn awful, we’re almost there. Luckily, Reynolds redeemed himself with Deadpool so all can be forgiven.


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