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Last night’s SAG Awards are being touted as the most politically charged award show we’ve ever seen.

From Ashton Kutcher’s opening monologue, to Stranger Things getting a politically charged standing ovation to some people addressing politics in different ways…


Whilst everyone seemed to be on the same page in this instance, giving a collective fuck you to Trump and his immigration ban, not all award shows are quite so unanimous.

FUBAR has picked out some of the most awkward and not fully understood political moments that award shows bring us every year.

1. Michael Moore – Oscars, 2003

In his acceptance speech, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, came out on stage and provoked a divisive reaction from his Hollywood peers when he stated they lived in “fictitious times” with “fictitious election results” referring to President George W. Bush.

Whilst some people applauded him, most people booed and Adrien Brody looked just as uncomfortable as we all did.

2. Lady Gaga

The meat dress.

Lady Gaga turns up to accept her VMA for Bad Romance, dressed from head to toe in raw meat and hands Cher her raw meat purse to hold.

Yes, it was as ridiculous as it sounds and the political message wasn’t clear, at all.

Gaga revealed that it was a statement to fight for your beliefs or people will have as much rights as the meat on our bones, in reference to her dismay of the US military’s ‘don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy’.

Not the most effective of statements unless the plan was to piss off as many vegans and vegetarians as possible.

3. Richard Gere

Hollywood heartthrob Richard Gere was banned from the Oscars in 1993 after telling the audience he hoped that Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping was watching so he could discuss human rights violations in Tibet.

It’s not like he was ever nominated for any awards anyway.

4. Miley Cyrus

At the 2014 VMAs we were all left very confused when Miley Cyrus went to accept her award; except she didn’t, she turned around and sat down, side of stage, as a stranger took to the stage.

Miley had a homeless man accept her award on behalf of homeless youths.

While the cause was good-hearted, we were all left slightly bewildered by what was going on and wondered how Miley Cyrus ever started off as a actress with her poor attempt at an emotional connection with the cameras focusing in.

Sam Smith’s side eye says it all…

5. Gigi Hadid

In testing times Gigi Hadid tried to bring some comic relief to the 2016 AMAs.

It didn’t work.

Instead, her mocking of Melania Trump received backlash of racism.

Quite a tough call, considering she’s married to a man who’s trying to ban an entire race from the country…

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