American blogger Perez Hilton slams Paris Hilton and proclaims himself “the original influencer”

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This week on Access All Areas, influencer Perez Hilton joined hosts Bobby Norris and CiCi Coleman to talk about his incredible success on social media.

Speaking of his 16 years in the business, the 42-year-old said: “I’m officially, not even the grandfather of social media, I am the original influencer. Paris Hilton, whom I love and I named myself after, has incorrectly been going around and calling herself the original influencer. She wasn’t! Paris Hilton was born an heiress.”


He continued: “[She] chose to then, when she was a teenager, become a socialite. Then, after being a socialite, she chose to be a television star, working in the reality genre. Her path to success was a lot more, well, it was traditional. It was a traditional path to success. My entire career is thanks to social and non-traditional media. I was the first.”


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You can listen to the full show of Access All Areas, also featuring Shane Nolan and Nicola Adams’ girlfriend Ella Baig, tomorrow from 6PM on FUBAR Radio.

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