8 Things FUBAR Really Wants To See At The 2017 Oscars

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The countdown has begun to this year’s Oscars and FUBAR couldn’t be more excited.

Not for the awards but for all the memes, viral videos and awkward selfies that will follow the prestigious ceremony.

We’ve selected our Top 10 of things we’d love to see happen at this year’s Oscars…

1. Awkward reunions between exes and new lovers


Who doesn’t love it when we see celebrities dating other mega celebrities to create the power couple?

And who doesn’t love it even more when they break up and awkwardly run into each other at events?

Maybe now that ScarJo isn’t into the whole monogamy thing they could sit her, ex-husband Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively together and give us the hottest three way in Hollywood…

2. Another Gigantic Celebrity Selfie


Everyone remembers THAT selfie from the 2014 Academy Awards but we think it needs an update.

This time round we definitely expect stars of the show Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone to feature.

We couldn’t help notice that everyone’s favourite, Tom Hanks was missing which is not ok.

You’d have to separate Brad and Angelina.

And of course still include Queen Streep.

3. Someone makes an awkward racist joke


Within the current political climate there isn’t much that would really shock the world but there is perhaps more room for error in terms of defining political correctness at these things because of President Wotsit.

No doubt some moron will try and make a light joke about immigrants or religion that will actually offend the majority of the room and nation.

4. Someone reads the wrong winner out

A classic anticipation of award shows, we can’t wait until someone pulls this one.

5. Someone gets the right person but pronounces/makes up the name


This one’s even better.

Who could forget when John Travolta went and buggered up introducing Idina Menzel? Instead introducing the fictional Adela Dazeem.

We really, really hope this happens again.

6. Jennifer Aniston to pass on her commiserations to Brad Pitt


With her new husband, her ability to freeze the ageing process and her access to the showers on those Emirates airline ads, we doubt she gives a shit about the demise of Brangelina.

However, now that Brad’s got his comeuppance for ditching our favourite Friend we hope she at least gives him the finger.

7. Jennifer Lawrence trips… AGAIN


No stranger of the floor, Jennifer Lawrence is most likely to trip once again at this event.

We are placing our bets now for how long into the ceremony it takes…

8. Someone go full Michael Moore on Trump


You’d be foolish to think that this award show won’t be crammed full of lengthy political speeches and agendas after the year we’ve all had.

And if this is the case, as we’re sure it will be, we want someone to be as controversial and awkward as documentary filmmaker Michael Moore was back in 2003 with his brutal attack on then President, George Bush.

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