7 Things To Expect On A Date With Idris Elba

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Movie star Idris Elba is offering himself out on a plate for Valentine’s Day, in a competetion all in aid of W.E. (Women Everywhere) Can Lead.

Idris promises the lucky winner a romantic evening of champagne, cocktails, truffles and even the chance to pound his yams…

Ever wondered what it’d be like to date the heart-throb? FUBAR has some idea of what to expect.

1. Idris looks into your eyes romantically but it feels like you’re being interrogated by Luther

2. When he whips out this costume in the bedroom…

3. He takes you dancing but he’s just practising for the next series of Strictly

4. Waiting to see the goods to only be majorly let down

mic wire 2

5. When he gives you this ‘sexy look’ but really he’s just constipated

6. Worrying that he’s done it with Madonna – ew.

7. Everytime he receives a call you worry he’s going to go all Luther on you

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