10 Things You’re Guaranteed To See In Britain As Soon As The Sun Is Out

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Yesterday was officially the hottest day of the year so far, along with sun rays and blue skies you can now expect to see a lot of twats and twattish behaviour on the streets.

Mainly those people who with glimpse of sun shining through shred all the dignity they probably didn’t have.

We’ve listed the top things you can expect to see on a day like this…

1. Where’s the fun in this?

People who have ice lollies for breakfast, lunch and dinner once the temperature hits 15 degrees and above.


2. These monsters

Cracking out the wife beater at the first sign of a dry day in the UK.


3. £5 disposable BBQs

A staple item of a British summer. Only causing 73% of food poisoning during the summer months.


4. Why is this a trend?

When people roll up the sleeves of their t-shirts as soon as the sun hits their Vitamin D deprived arms.


5. Even worse…

Guys thinking it’s acceptable to walk around public spaces with their tops off. Hand them a football and one of these ugly across the chest bags and you’ve got a male basic bitch starter pack.


6. Pub garden anyone?

Brits use anything as an excuse for a drink and day drinking is no exception when the sun comes out.


7. Windows down

You know the sun’s out if you can hear obnoxious morons blaring rubbish music from their car.


8. Who cares if it’s made of rocks?

Brighton beach will now be swarmed until October.


9. That one person…

No explanation needed.


10. Deleting all social media

An oversaturation of the sun emoji used to caption a picture of drinking Kopparberg in the local park.




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