10 Reasons Why We Miss The Old Lindsay Lohan

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Everyone is talking about Lindsay Lohan’s reformed character on today’s Good Morning Britain.

Sober, hair-washed and without the ankle tag, she was almost unrecognisable.

As much as we are happy to see Lohan doing well we can’t help but miss the old version.

FUBAR created a list of things that we can remember the old Lindsay Lohan by…

1. That time she called the police to retrieve her lost phone from a deli…

phoone ll

2. When she should’ve won accessory of the year, styling her bikini with her ankle tag.

ll tag

3. Her mugshot.

When she was arrested at 21 for cocaine possession and DUI.

Mugshot 1

4. And the rest.

The following arrests branched from violating her probation terms, cocaine use whilst on probation, reckless driving, lying to law enforcement.


5. Oh and one more.

This one is #MakeUpGoals though.

MUgshot 66

6. Her creative ways of throwing shade.

fuck u

7.The Fuck List

Which then half the guys denied.

Lindsay Fuck List

8. When she transformed in Mean Girls and never quite left the bad girl character behind

9. Her lust for posing with weapons.

ll knifell gun

10. This classic.

Lohan hysterically crying in court after being sentenced to 90 days in jail, lucky for her not so much for us, they let her out after 2 weeks due to overcrowding.

ll cry


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