10 Reasons We Should Appreciate The Cold Weather

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The cold is just too much for some.

You’re either a winter lover or loather. If you’re the latter, FUBAR Radio presents 10 points to get you through the coming months.

1.You can Netflix and chill rather than going out with your friends.

In summer, if you’d rather have a lazy day there aren’t many excuses you can come up with. You also feel a bit guilty for wasting the warm weather. You can get people to come to you, the best of both worlds; ‘’Do you fancy coming round and hanging at mine instead?’’


2.Less stress about your shaving legs.

It’s an ‘extra layer’ to keep you warm, you tell your partner.

3.You have ‘weather certainty’.

You know you need to wear a coat, end of. There’s no risk of getting rained on whilst you’re in your shorts and flip flops. Ahh the British summer…

4.The excitement.

Christmas is coming, and if that doesn’t excite you something else will. You could be running from bar to bar with friends whilst being chased by the cold, or skidding on an iced over puddle. Just picture an annoyingly heart-warming M&S advert.

5.Cosying up in layers.

Fur coats, scarfs, gloves and big socks to keep your feet warm. Don’t forget about your onesie you are going to hop straight into after work every day for the next two months.

6.Food, food and more food.


Coffee shops have their own spiced teas, Christmas trees have chocolates on them, you’ve never had more roast dinners and by spring you will have had all the carbs you tried to diet out of your system during the summer months.


Again, refer back to an M&S advert.


You’ve been forced into attending Winter Wonderland, you’ve been ice skating twice, a bonfire has gotten out of hand at your uncle’s house and a clown has scared the shit out of you when it wasn’t even Halloween.


It may get dark early, but it means you get to see sunrises – if you are up at that time. Unfortunately some of us are..

10.January sales!

Winter means one thing, once Christmas is done and once you’ve puked up your New Year’s hangover, you can spend any money you have left on shoes you’ll never wear. Yay!

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