Calum McSwiggan’s LGBT+ History Month: The Life of An LGBT+ Student

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Joining Calum to talk about ‘The Life of an LGBT+ Student’ and the upcoming student pride for LGBT+ History Month was Luca Mitchell from Student Pride, NUS LGBT+ officer Eden Ladley, children’s author Olly Pike, Lev Rosen author of ‘Jack of Hearts’ and activist Philip Baldwin.

Calum and Philip began the show with a deep-rooted discussion about life as a young queer male in secondary school and the effects of homophobic and/or transphobic bullying. Philip spoke on how this bullying also includes teachers, and how this empowers bullies – “At my school, there was a pattern of teachers ignoring homophobic language. There were numerous incidents where I felt humiliated, and teachers did nothing to intervene.”

Calum was then joined for a round-table discussion by Luca Mitchell, Eden Ladley and Olly Pike to talk about LGBT+ life and sex education in primary schools. When discussing sex education in primary schools, for both queer and straight people, there was unanimous agreement that more needs to be done to education younger students from early ages.

Luca Mitchell and Eden Ladley even spilt the tea about the “rocky relationship” between NUS and Student Pride, due to differences in opinions on commercialisation, funding and advertising from corporations such as BAE Systems. NUS and Student Pride continue to work together as their end goal remains the same. Eden Ladley noted – “It is not exactly gay liberation to be taking money from people who are bombing people.”

The full episode can be found here, on Spotify and iTunes.

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