TOWIE’s Pascal Craymer gets custard pied at FUBAR

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PASCAL Craymer admitted she was embarrassed by her time on TOWIE yesterday, describing her short-lived romance with Mario Falcone as “a custard pie to the face”.

She said: “When I went on the show it was completely new to me, I didn’t have a clue. My life turned around overnight.

“I thought me and Mario were going somewhere, so I had to let his fans know that he’d moved on [from Lucy].

“I’d gone out with him for a little while, and suddenly it was everywhere – ‘She might be the one,’ ‘I want her to meet my parents.’

“I was like, ‘Woah, this is all a bit crazy.’ And then trying to deal with the other people who were like: ‘He was with me last night at this PA… he was doing this.'”

When the couple split, Pascal said that she felt let down by both Mario and The Only Way Is Essex.

“It was so embarrassing,” she said. “I got taken on [to TOWIE] thinking I was on it and in a relationship with someone and I literally got a custard pie to the face.”

“It wasn’t breaking up with him [that was tough], it was more like: ‘I can’t believe you’ve just done that to me on telly.’

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