Strictly singer reveals show secrets

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s ‘Hot Gossip’ with Lizzie Cundy and OK! Magazine’s Jonathan Bown, Strictly singer Tommy Blaize revealed some of the back stage secrets to creating the amazing live music performances they have on the show.

Blaize, has been a main stay of the show and explained just how he and the rest of the band turn around some many live songs for each show. “Every week they throw something that’s not really in our realm but because we’ve got such a wide collection of singers that do different styles we are able to cover all the styles they throw at us.

The singer is never one to shy away from a challenge and even relished the opportunity at singing in different languages. “Last year they gave us some Punjabi and Tamil to sing – for a scouser that was quite difficult. That was interesting – the language ones I love doing there always stretch you.  I tend to do most of the soul and RnB type stuff but I like being stretched when they throw new stuff at you.”

Strictly has gone from strength to strength and is again wining the Saturday night ratings war against X Factor. Four million extra viewers tuned into season 9 of the dancing show than ITV’s faltering talent program.

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