Noel Fielding talks Mighty Boosh Movie

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s ‘The Friday Social’, bohemian comedian Noel Fielding teased fans of his cult show, The Mighty Boosh, by revealing a movie maybe on the horizon.

When asked if there would be more Boosh to come, Noel was very optimistic about the prospect. “I hope so, I’m not going to say definitely yes because people get very excited and they come up to me in the street – ‘You said you were doing a film’. I’m not going to say we definitely are but fingers crossed.”

The show ran for three series and became a huge hit but Fielding and his Boosh partner in crime, Julian Barratt haven’t been seen together on screen for a long time now, leaving many to wonder when they will re-unite. “Yeah totally, I think we both would, we’ve got to find the time and try and find the right idea. We’re sort of really proud of the Boosh, it was the thing we did we were most proud of and we spent a long time doing it. So having a break for five or six years it’s difficult to go back to. We don’t want to mess up the back catalogue, it’s quite timeless that show, it’s a lot of pressure but we might give it a go. I think it was our double act that work and had good chemistry, so along as that’s still there we’ll be okay.”

Noel was also reminded, by our very own Huw Joseph, that he bears a striking resemblance to an unusual being, all of which you can see below.

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